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Help Get Harvest Moon Farms Through The Drought

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jul 26, 2012 3:00PM

2012_7_26_Drought.png While it might not seem like it based on this week's thunderstorms, most of the midwest is still trapped in a horrendous drought. While the major story is about how the drought might affect food prices across the nation, locally things are much more dire. Some of the local farms you love at farmers markets might not make it through this dry season. At least, not without your help.

Harvest Moon Farms is one of the hardest-hit small farms. Some of you may have been to events sponsored by Harvest Moon or you might have bought their weekly CSA. Right now, they are in serious financial trouble. Like most produce farms, they start the season with greens and transition into vegetables. While their tomato crops are drip irrigated and doing just fine, they didn't make nearly enough money from the sale of greens. They aren't sure they will even be able to make it to fall. If they don't, some of your favorite restaurants might not have heirloom tomatoes, and a great small farm could go under.

The owners of Uncommon Ground have already stepped up to help, hosting events and special dinners. The farmers at Harvest Moon are asking everyone to help however they can—make a donation through their webpage or host a special event. Think of it as a kickstarter, except at the end you get to keep buying produce from this farm for years to come. If you need convincing, take a look at their video asking for drought aid below.

It's not only Harvest Moon that is in trouble. All small farms are hurting right now. We know it is hot and miserable, but now is the time to drag yourself out of bed and buy what there is at the farmers markets all over the city. There may not be quite as much vegetal bounty as in previous years, but buy anyway. If you don't, next year will be much, much worse.