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Forever Yogurt Parks Near North Avenue Beach

By Melissa Wiley in Food on Aug 14, 2012 6:00PM

The taut and toned bodies on display at North Avenue Beach don’t stay that way from lapping up double-scooped ice cream cones as soon as the sweat starts to ooze out their tightly knit pores. Instead, they stride rhythmically across the crescent-shaped bridge spanning Lake Shore Drive and approach the Forever Yogurt Trailer with self-assured athleticism. The bright pink stationary truck has everything a pearly-white sweet tooth that’s watching its figure could ask for: creamy froyo in flavors from Alpine vanilla to Georgia peach. The tempting array of self-serve toppings is purely for the softer-bodied among us.

The rapidly expanding franchise has parked its eye-catching wagon within foul ball’s distance of the baseball and soccer fields dotting this southernmost stretch of Lincoln Park. But its strategic positioning a mere Olympian Frisbee throw away from North Avenue Beach makes it an irresistible coolant for sunbathers in transit. Froyo is sold by weight, and at 45 cents an ounce, you can afford a little indulgence. The list of flavors is too long to transcribe, but you can drool over apple pie, gingerbread man, cherry cordial, island banana and maple-bacon donut. You can even get frozen Greek yogurt.

Offering health-conscious varieties ranging from sugarless to non- and low-fat, Forever Yogurt aims to please the supine sun-gathering crowd who seeks to remain forever young (and thin). Others of us are just delighted to encounter something sweet that we can overburden with cookie dough balls without someone looking over our shoulder. Whatever your intent, this winsome wagon adds fresh luster to sun-soaking beachside. Steely abs optional.