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Drew Peterson Will Not Testify, Son Did Take The Stand; Jurors Still Coordinating Outfits

By Chuck Sudo in News on Aug 30, 2012 5:40PM

The trial of Drew Peterson in the death of his third wife Kathleen Savio moves along tom Peterson, Drew's oldest son with Savio, taking the stand, the jury continuing to coordinate their outfits and the specter of Peterson's missing (and presumed dead) fourth wife Stacy casting a damning shadow.

Possibly the biggest news to come from the trial was Drew Peterson's decision not to take the stand on his behalf. That's a shame: it's one of the few occasions we would want to hear him speak. Peterson told Judge Edward Burmila of his intentions shortly before defense attorneys wrapped up their case Wednesday.

Prior to that Harry Smith, Kathleen Savio's divorce attorney, testified that Stacy Peterson told him her husband murdered Savio. Peterson attorney Joel Brodsky called Smith to the stand against the objections of his fellow defense attorneys. Peterson attorney Steve Greenberg was heard shouting at Brodsky, “I’ve filed 74 (expletive) motions to keep him out and now you’re going to undo all of it."

But the star witness Wednesday was Tom Peterson. Introduced as Thomas Drew Peterson, he testified that his father was "broken up" by his mother's death, but doesn't believe Drew Peterson was capable of murder.

On Tuesday, the jury in the trial arrived to court in a "don't look at me" red, white and blue pattern.

America: FUCK YEAH!

What's next? The jury shows up in barrels? Zoot suits? Elvis jumpsuits?