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Adam McOmber's Book Launch More Than Just Fantasy

By Maggie Hellwig in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 13, 2012 6:00PM

Join the party for Adam McOmber's The White Forest.
Tonight Chicago author Adam McOmber will escort his novel,The White Forest, to its launch party at Unabridged Bookstore.

In The White Forest, McOmber creates a fantastical world existing in the Gothic dew of Victorian England. The novel tells the tale of Jane Silverlake and her lonely existence upon Hampstead Heath. Jane possesses a supernatural gift, which has divorced her from much of society. When childhood friend Nathan goes missing, Jane relies on her gift to uncover his whereabouts. All clues point toward a secret society led by the charismatic Ariston Day. As Jane uncovers more details of the mystery, she is forced to learn more about her talent and its origins.

This is McOmber's second book; his first was a collection of short stories titled This New and Poisonous Air. Upon the release of Poisonous Air, he urged that his tales of fantasy were not to be taken as a mere easy read. The author explained to NewCity Lit that the genre of fantasy is rooted in the timelessness of mythology--a tradition of storytelling that now lies in the subconscious of our society. The longevity of fantasy as a literary genre remains at a steady flow. Consider the sustaining popularity of J.R.R. Tolkien's work or the enthusiasm over J.K. Rowling's imaginary world of magic.

Intrigue and curiosity are driving us to check out McOmber's event tonight. Scrap your plans on reading that predictable book tonight, and go listen to something otherworldly and brand new.

September 13, Unabridged Bookstore: 3251 N. Broadway, 7 p.m., FREE!