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13-Year-Old Rapper Lil' Mouse Still Growing Up Too Fast In New Music Video

By Samantha Abernethy in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 19, 2012 9:20PM


The 13-year-old rapper who made a bit of a ruckus with his gun-friendly music video for "Get Smoked," has released another age-inappropriate video. Lil' Mouse's new tune "D. Wade" is something of an homage to the Miami Heat player and Chicago native Dwyane Wade. It features the chorus, "I'm the heat with that .38, you can call me D. Wade." That .38 is obviously a reference to the firearm, and Mouse also references "hollow tips," referring to the bullets known for causing a quick kill. Add in the nonstop gun hand motions, and we're once again worried about this seventh grader.

Perhaps more disturbing is the scenes of Mouse driving a motorcycle (pretty sure the driving age is still 16) with a woman on the back that we're pretty sure isn't his babysitter. She definitely appears significantly older than Mouse, and a couple of times she rubs him in a way that makes us feel uncomfortable.

We're also curious to find out how Wade feels about this tune. The NBA hotshot has been outspoken in his efforts to curb violence and inspire children in Chicago through Wade's World Foundation since 2003. In March his 20-year-old nephew was injured in a shooting at a South Side convenience store. He spoke with the Sun-Times a couple of weeks ago about violence in Chicago, “On one end, you feel lucky to make it out, and on the other end, you feel sad for all the people still in it and can’t get out. It’s just sad."

“I think about me as a child and you look for a way to get out,” he said. “You look for somebody to help you get there. And that’s why I try to continue to reach my hand back so hopefully it can be a chain effect. If I reach my hand back, it will help someone, and that someone can help someone, and it will continue to go on.”

Watch the video for "D. Wade" below.

Mouse's last video for "Get Smoked" featured lots of flying dollar bills and a gun. Plus about 50 percent of the words in the song are "fuck," not to mention the term "get smoked" means "get killed." It had Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell (and Chicagoist) clutching her pearls, and rapper Che "Rhymefest" Smith said he thinks the song and the video qualify as child pornography. "(W)hen you have a 13-year-old child rapping about sex and about violence and drug selling," he said, "they are probably already under investigation."

The video's director P. Noble said Mouse's mother and adult uncles were on the set, and he made sure "Mouse did not have any guns and drugs on him." However he didn't realize there was a gun in the video because there was so much going on. The tune certainly got a lot of attention, and even more when Lil Wayne remixed it.

Here is Lil Wayne's remix of Mouse's "Get Smoked."