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Michigan Court Candidate Got The Whole Cast Of West Wing To Make Her Ad

By Samantha Abernethy in News on Sep 20, 2012 6:00PM


We don't know this Bridget Mary McCormack, and we can't vote for her anyway, but today we love her for giving us this walk and talk with the West Wing cast. Warning: If you're an avid West Wing fan, the sheer quantity and quality of actors in this might make your head explode. McCormack's sister Mary played Kate Harper on the series, and she got the gang back together. She's the one who talks about how Mary McCormack is "possibly hot." So how the hell did this happen? MLive writes:

Mary McCormack suggested the idea after Bridget told her the biggest problem in the race is the drop-off in voter participation.

"It sort of snowballed and all of sudden Martin Sheen signed up and I was like 'Whoa,'" Bridget McCormack said in an interview.

She said while she would be thrilled if people vote for her after seeing the video, the intent also is to get more people voting in high court elections in general regardless of their political leanings. Her campaign is hoping the video goes viral online.

"It doesn't even matter what side of the issue you're on. More of us should participate. That's really the only goal - it's a real public education goal."

This video has pretty much everything you could hope for in a 4-minute West Wing reunion. Will bounces a tennis ball against the wall. Josh freaks out while C.J. and Toby try to calm him down. Then the informative fast-talk and the walk-and-talk is capped off with President Bartlet's bizarre manner of putting on a jacket and a "What's Next." All it's missing is Charlie, Abbey and Sam. We're assuming the ghosts of Leo McGarry and Mrs. Landingham are in there somewhere.