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Daley Sort Of Criticizes Emanuel's Handling Of Teachers Strike

By Samantha Abernethy in News on Sep 26, 2012 10:20PM

Hizzoner Mayor Richard M. Daley has been minding his own business, staying away from all things mayoral, since Rahm Emanuel stepped into his old shoes. However, Daley made some comments on Emanuel's handling of the Chicago Teachers Union strike in vague terms that sort of sound like criticism. ABC7 called it "subtle jabs," while NBC said Daley said Rahm "played blame game with teachers."

If Daley really was criticizing the mayor, then Emanuel started it. During the strike, Emanuel said Daley and others during his administration ran Chicago Public Schools in a way that "the children got the shaft." So what did Daley say?

ABC7 writes:

Daley told reporters after he took on the task of running the problem-filled system in 1995 it was never his policy to point the finger at the teachers union.

"When I took over that, I didn't blame teachers. I said it's our responsibility to make a difference. It's not going to be done overnight. We had to make a difference," he said.


Daley appeared to link the politics of blame to Emanuel's experience in Washington.

"It's easy to blame everyone and national politics is to blame people. But when you take responsibility, in 95 that's what I said. Don't blame the teachers, let's all work together to make it a better education system for all," Daley said.

That could maybe be considered a criticism or perhaps a jab. Then again, Daley has never been subtle or tactful. If he's going to insult you, he's going to let you know. Remember when he threatened to put a gun up Chicago Reader reporter Mick Dumke's butt? If this is an insult or a jab, Daley is going soft.