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Clean Up On Aisle Clark And Lake

By Caroline O'Donovan in News on Sep 30, 2012 8:00PM

Image credit: CaiusChance
Because having your groceries delivered to your doorstep in a truck is so early-aughts, you will soon be able to flash your smartphone at a billboard at a train station and then have them delivered to your doorstep.

After the idea was pioneered by Tesco supermarkets in Seoul, South Korea, Chicago, long known as “Little Seoul,” will soon have these virtual billboards in nine CTA and eight Metra stops across the city, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Virtual billboards: because we’ve waited long enough for our ads to start talking back.

Peapod experimented with the program last year with a virtual grocery store at the State and Lake Red Line stop. The expanded program will stretch as far as the south side, going waaaaaaaay down to Sox and 35th. The billboards interface with Peapod’s mobile app, allowing you to let other commuters know that all you’ll be eating this week is cookie dough ice cream, macaroni and cheese, and Frosted Flakes.

Peapod is also experimenting with this marketing campaign on the east coast, where they will partner with a variety of national brands. The company was founded in Evanston, however, so the Chicago “stores” will have a more local flavor, meaning Chicagoans planning on shopping exclusively at the public transit will be restricted to eating Lou Malnati’s, Garrett’s popcorn, and Eli’s cheesecake for the rest of time.