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Next Taking Menu Suggestions On Facebook

By Anthony Todd in Food on Oct 8, 2012 3:40PM


When Next first opened, Chicago foodies went to town coming up with ridiculous menu ideas for future iterations of the restaurant. It kept us laughing far into the night. This time, it's for real. Kyoto, the current incarnation of Next, is the last menu that has been announced - and the restaurant wants your help coming up with ideas.

In a short post to Facebook last night, Next asked for menu ideas. "What would get you tremendously excited to come in to see us next year? (serious ideas only, please...)" As of 7 a.m., 610 people had already weighed in. Yet another indication of Next's extreme success, as well as their social-media saavy.

The comments are worth reading, just to see how many incredible ideas people can come up with. There are a lot that lean towards Southern/soul food, as well as an astounding number of Russian/Balkan/Eastern European. Some people came up with ideas that could earn them a consulting fee. One person suggested "Next: Elevation. Start at sea level, each course features cuisine of city at increasing altitude of 1,000' or whatever. Finish with dessert at 10,000' or on an airplane or in space." Another suggested Magellan's voyage, with dishes in sequence from each country the explorer visited.

A surprising number of people suggested Dining with the Tsar at the Imperial Palace, British Imperial/Colonial cuisine and variations thereof. Apparently the "twilight of an era" theme is very trendy - though, starting with Paris: 1906 probably ads to that particular vibe. Another person suggested a blindfolded menu, an idea we wholeheartedly support.

Perhaps our favorite? "Next: Schwa (c'mon, Next is easier to get into)"