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Are These The 50 Best Sandwiches In Chicago?

By Anthony Todd in Food on Oct 11, 2012 3:00PM

Photo by Ed Fisher.

Where are the best sandwiches in Chicago? The sandwich experts at Chicago Magazine have assembled a list of what they think are the 50 best sandwiches in the entire city. We love (practically) all of them. But there might be a few missing.

The top sandwich in Chicago, according to the magazine, is the BLT at Old Oak Tap. Other highlights include the Roast Beef from Al's Deli, the Lobster Roll at Acadia (yum!) and the Grilled Laughing Shrimp Po Boy at Nana. All great sandwiches, and Chicago Mag did a bang-up job. But what's missing?

The most obvious place for people to gripe with the list, or really any list of dishes rather than restaurants, is the particular selection. Did they pick the right item, or was there a hidden gem waiting to be found elsewhere on the menu? For instance, Benjy thinks that rather than the Woodland Mushroom from Xoco, the Torta Ahogada should have made the list. While Le Vegetarien at Toni Patisserie is great, we think that the simple, understated Le Breton may actually be our favorite sandwich, if for no other reason than a simple ham, gruyere and butter sandwich is quite difficult to get right.

Another possible beef with the list: Does another restaurant in Chicago do the same sandwich better? While we're a big fan of Troquet, if you want a french sandwich with Croque in the name, get thee to Julius Meinl. Chuck takes umbrage with the selection of the Breaded Steak sandwich from Ricobene's: "It isn't even the best breaded steak sandwich in Bridgeport. That honor goes to Freddie's on 31st and Union." Amy Cavanaugh isn't particularly pleased with the selection of Saigon Sisters to represent the Bahn Mi, as "Ba Le and Nhu Lan make better banh mi than Saigon Sisters."

Enough nitpicking. What great sandwiches should you be eating that didn't make the list? Many at Chicagoist are mystified by the absence of J.P. Graziano from the list—any sandwich that comes out of there is worth a mention, but the Spicy and the Tuna Panini both are particularly beloved by our staff. Benjy wishes they'd tasted the BBQ Brisket from Smoque, and practically everyone mentioned the CB&J at Hopleaf. Melissa Wiley loves the Monte Cristo with Fig Jelly at City Farms and Amy Cavenaugh wants to give a nod to the Chicago-style tofu at Handlebar.

What other great sandwiches haven't been mentioned? Chicago Magazine gave us a good start, but we're sure Chicago can hold at least 100 amazing sandwiches.