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Today In "Joe Walsh Says Stupid Things:" Tell Your Employees To Vote Republican Or They'll Be Out Of A Job

By Chuck Sudo in News on Oct 18, 2012 4:40PM


We’re less than three weeks away from Election Day and Rep. Joe Walsh and Tammy Duckworth are fighting for every vote in the race for the Eighth Congressional District seat.

For Walsh, that means ratcheting the fear mongering rhetoric up a notch. America’s angriest congressman told constituents at an Oct. 13 town hall meeting in Bloomingdale, Ill. voting for President Obama could result in employees losing their jobs.

Walsh’s remarks were aimed at small business owners.

"If you run, manage or own a company tell your employees! What was the CEO this week that said, if Obama is reelected, I may have to let all of you go next year? If Obama's reelected, if the Democrats take Congress, I may not be able to cover your health insurance next year," Walsh told a crowd. "If there's ever a year where people who run, manage, or own their companies are going to energize their employees, it better be this year. We're up against it."

The video, like most that have caught Walsh shooting from the hip in recent months, was recorded by the CREDO SuperPAC, which has committed itself to ensuring Walsh is a one-term congressman. CREDO is behind the website and has been shadowing Walsh at town hall meetings. The race between Walsh and Duckworth has garnered national headlines and Walsh has made this race, in a congressional district gerrymandered by Illinois Democrats specifically for him to lose, too close to call according to some polls.

Duckworth’s campaign outraised Walsh’s during the summer, $1.5 million to $251,000. But Walsh is set to benefit from a $2.5 million ad buy from the conservative SuperPAC Now or Never intended to “bury” Duckworth in a sea of negative ads leading to the Nov. 6 general election.