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Pocket Guide To Hell Stages Studs' Place Production At Hideout

By Chuck Sudo in Arts & Entertainment on Nov 5, 2012 10:40PM

Phil Lord, Win Stracke and Studs Terkel on the set of Studs's Place.
One of the highlights of the Studs Terkel Centennial has been the unearthing of episodes of Studs' Place that hadn't been seen in 60 years. Those episodes debuted at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in September to great fanfare and we imagine, if Terkel were alive today, he'd be all over this event happening at Hideout Nov. 11.

Pocket Guide To Hell, the folks behind last year's Haymarket Riot reenactment and the historical retrospective looking at Chicago's history and its connection with its waterways earlier this year, are staging a live reenactment of one of those episodes, only set in modern day. The reenactment will happen in Hideout's bar and will also be projected into the club's concert room to give guests the feeling of watching live television.

Meredith Milliron (Barrel of Monkeys) directs a cast that includes John Geiger, Roger Payton, Scott M. Priz, Chris Rathjen, Nick Wagner, and Rachel Wilson. Special guest stars include Bill Savage, Jon Langford, and Alison Cuddy.

The performance will be followed by short talks on the Chicago School of Televsion by the Museum of Broadcast Communication’s Walter Podrazik; on Media Burn’s efforts to restore original episodes of Studs’ Place by Sara Chapman and Tom Weinberg; and on Win Stracke and the founding of the Old Town School of Folk Music by musician Mark Dvorak.

This performance starts at 7 p.m. Nov. 11 and there's a suggested donation of $7-$10.