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Mayor To Chicagoans On CTA Hikes: You Can Always Drive

By aaroncynic in News on Nov 27, 2012 2:50PM

Photo credit: ©2012 Brooke Collins/City of Chicago

Chicagoans who might be miffed about the recent proposed CTA pass increases in the agency's 2013 budget won't get much sympathy from Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel said that if citizens aren't happy with the prices, they can always drive.

The Chicago Tribune reports the mayor said “Fares stayed the same. Basic fares stayed the same, which you cannot say about gas prices. Now you, as a commuter, will pick. You can either drive to work or you can take public transportation, and the standard fare will stay the same.” He added “Public transportation is different from driving to work. You will make that choice.”

While basic fare and passes stay the same, one day passes jump $4.75 to $10, three day passes increase to $20, weeklies increase by $5 to $28, and monthly passes will set riders back $100. Emanuel made the comments as he lauded the work done this past year by the Water Department, which was funded by a 25 percent increase in rates this year and will see an additional 15 percent increase this year.

We're not exactly certain how much of a choice working people, who will be hit hardest by the increases would afford a car, insurance, gas, and maintenance, have if they're already having a hard time with fares. Additionally, Chicago has some of the worst traffic congestion in the country, so adding more cars to the road sounds like a plan that would make already beleaguered commuters worse off. If anything, his comments simply add insult to injury.