CHIRP Radio Revamps Website

By Caroline O'Donovan in Arts & Entertainment on Nov 29, 2012 4:40PM


Apparently, something on (in?) the Internet ate all of CHIRP Radio’s stuff. “Unrecoverable error,” they say. But as of Thursday, that’s all in the past, as CHIRP Radio unveiled it’s new website—so fresh, so clean, etc.

First things first, yes there is a website launch party. CHIRP is big into even promotion these days, which is why it’s new website has more efficient methods for RSVPing to stuff. The launch jam is at Lincoln Hall tonight at 8 p.m., it’s 21+ and will feature the musical stylings of Outer Minds, Summer Girlfriends, Heavy Times and Sidecar Static. Tickets are $12.

Meanwhile, the name of the game for the revamped website is community. According to CHIRP, new discussion threads will help build the website into a place where listeners can interact. Along the same lines, it will now be possible to make individual accounts on the site, through which users can save their music preferences and RSVP for events. The CHIRP blog will now live on the same page as the rest of the station, which I think we can all agree makes a lot of sense. They’ll also have a new and improved mobile site, so get stoked for that.

There’s also a pretty sweet Chicago skyline scrolling toolbar on every page. To get involved with CHIRP, check out their volunteer website here.