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Chefs Across America Support Call For Gender-Neutral Easy Bake Oven

By Anthony Todd in Food on Dec 13, 2012 4:00PM

What little boy hasn't had this wish?
You may have heard some buzz around the internet lately about the Easy Bake Oven's messed up gender politics. The short version: A sweet sister named McKenna Pope from New Jersey wanted her little brother to get the Easy Bake oven he wanted. She realized, however, that the toy still only features girls in all of its ad campaigns. Even the website is titled "Cooking and Baking Games for Girls. She started a petition asking Hasbro to change its advertising materials to make it clear that everyone can cook. Now, a collection of chefs from across American have made a YouTube video in support of her petition.

So far, 49,000 people have signed the petition. They've got the support of at least one Chicagoan in the food business - Jeff Mahin, the co-owner of Do-Rite Donuts. We particularly like Mahin's gesture to his kitchen when explaining his feelings about the Oven: "I have a big silver one behind me, so maybe they can make you one of those."

Hasbro announced yesterday that they would meet with Pope to discuss gender neutral options. Maybe she can also convince them to release a Pro line with stainless steel fixtures for the budding yuppie foodie.

Watch all of the chefs speak out in favor of letting a little boy undercook desserts with a 60-watt bulb like his sisters through the ages. It's kind of touching.