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Cards Against Humanity Turns Hilariously Inappropriate Grown Up Fun into Holiday Generosity

By Steven Pate in Miscellaneous on Dec 18, 2012 9:20PM


Cards Against Humanity was the brainchild of some enterprising young locals, whose kickstarter project for its production became a case study for DIY game creation.

How many things do we love about Cards Against Humanity? That this simple game has never failed to produce hysterical bouts of laughter when introduced at a gathering of friends and family? That they still encourage you to download and print your own copy for free if you want? That the card reading "A mime having a stroke" is almost guaranteed to win any round?

We now add to that litany the fact that the game's creators have hearts at least as big as their sense of humor. After successfully releasing a special holiday expansion pack of cards for the Apples-to-Apples-for-Adults-like game on a pay-what-you-want basis, Max Temkin and Eliot Weinstein have given all the proceeds to charity. CAH reports pulling in $295,828 in sales and a production cost of $225,762. Designer and CAH co-creator Max Temkin sent out a video yesterday showing the writing and posting of a check for the difference, the entire $70,066.27 profit, to the Wikimedia foundation.

That's a lot of scratch. Enough for 5.8 million live crickets or 1,000 liters of fresh boar sperm, according to the cheeky infographic describing the whole process they have posted online. All of which makes us feel a teensy bit less worried about any bad karma we may have brought on ourselves by playing some truly horrible combos in this game. It's all for a good cause, after all! By the transitive property of karmic fungibility, our recent deft employment of the "Fiery Poops" card was basically like personally contributing to the enlightenment of future generations, which is all we could ever ask.