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Edible Nerdiness: Downton Abbey In Gingerbread

By Anthony Todd in Food on Dec 20, 2012 5:00PM


We're huge Downton Abbey fans. We already have Sunday nights in January marked off on our calendar, and we're basing our Christmas dinner on recipes from the Downton Abbey Cookbook. So when we saw this video, we literally yelped with joy.

This video, complete with the Downton Abbey soundtrack (which we hope doesn't get it pulled from YouTube) shows a man making a complete gingerbread Downton. We've made a few gingerbread houses in our time, and even one-story construction is pretty difficult. This is in a whole different league. It's even got interior lighting. If they used this clip as part of a fundraiser for public television, they'd never need to ask for money again.

Turns out the creator, Curtis Jensen, has made something of a tradition out of this by sculpting fabulous gingerbread houses every year. Check out his other videos - be careful, some are not gingerbread related and may be NSFW.

[Via Grubstreet New York]