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Cubes Of Human Flesh Found In Michigan Drain Pipe

By Samantha Abernethy in News on Dec 24, 2012 5:30PM

Sewer workers in Michigan discovered two "precisely cut" cubes of human flesh in a drain pipe. As if that isn't disturbing enough, this is the second time cubes of flesh have been found, which has authorities fearing it could be the work of a serial killer.

The Detroit Free Press writes:

Two pieces of human flesh, each about 4 inches square, and “which look like they were pretty precisely cut -- not hacked,” were recovered and are to be analyzed by the Macomb County Medical Examiner, Mills said.

“Our next step is to get this typed for DNA” and then compare it with body parts found in a different part of the same sewer in August, in an investigation handled by Sterling Heights police, he said.

Police in Warren, outside of Detroit, say they "have no idea" whose remains they could be, other than they belong to an "unidentified obese white female." Detective Mel Nearing told ABC the "chunks of skin and fat and little bit of muscle tissue" appeared to be "almost exact matches" in appearance to the 10 pieces found in the same sewer pipe about five miles away. The pieces found in August had a tattoo, and police have released a photo of the tattooed flesh in hopes someone recognizes the design.

The precision of the cuts suggests the body was frozen before slicing. Since the flesh discovered this morning didn't appear to have decomposed, police say it could be a second person or the same body had been frozen, with the killer disposing of it pieces at a time.