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The Iconic Scents Of Chicago

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jan 10, 2013 5:00PM

Image via Shutterstock.
Last week, DNAChicago reported that a local businesswoman, Zorayda “Z” Ortiz, was releasing a line of perfumes inspired by Pilsen. These included Tamale and Pan de Muerto, both of which actually sound pretty appetizing. It got us thinking: what are other signature Chicago scents that should be bottled and sold?

We polled the staff and got their thoughts on what the most appropriate iconic Chicago scents would be. Anyone want to go into business with us?

- The combination of flaming cheese and singed hair that is the signature scent of Greektown.

- An "Inside the Spice-House" plug-in air freshener.

- Gino's East, with essence of oregano, tomato overtones and a buttery finish.

- "Back of the Yards:" a light, airy mélange of chicharrones and livestock manure that brings to mind memories of the Stockyards.

- Garrett popcorn's exhaust vents.

- The peppermint scent for the four short weeks that the Holiday Train runs.

- The smell of IML each year (that's International Mr. Leather) which would consist of leather, sweat, and unwashed unmentionables.

- The smell of barbeque grills in backyards in summer.

- The smell of rugged authenticity as the very last molecules of indigo, tinged with a hint of downstate corn, escape from Jeff Tweedy's blue jean jacket.

- Blommer's eau du chocolat.

- "The Politician" aka the scent of palms being greased.

- A dab Malort behind each ear to attract both vagrant and hipster attention and affection.

- The faint stale smoke smell from the inside of a dive bar that hasn't seen a cigarette in 10 years.

And if anyone can bottle the smell of the breeze off the lake on the first warm day of Spring, they'll make all the money there is. Any more? Tell us in the comments.