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DOWNLOAD: Art Decade

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 31, 2013 8:20PM

Photo by Lizzie Viggiano courtesy the band

Art Decade's debut, Western Sunrise, came out last year but has only recently crossed our transom. When first listening to their music the immediate responses we had included the words "polite," "pretty," "crisp," and "complicated." Most of the time we hear orch-pop bands it's pretty obvious they come from a rock background and appreciate the richer textures afforded by strings and horns. In Art Decade's case it's the other way around, with the classical mindset being influenced by modern pop. This becomes less surprising when you see that vocalist / songwriter Ben Talmi's Twitter handle is @LudwigBenthoven. The album bursts with music school geekishness but manages to keep from drowining in it.

Many of the songs on the album burst with technicolor flair, and there are actually a few one could describe as danceable, but the song we're highlighting, the quietly beautiful "Breeze," displays the sensitive composer side of the band they deploy with fine skill. It appears the group doesn't get out of the Boston area all that much, but now that we've been introduced to their music we're hoping that changes in the near future.

MP3: Art Decade "Breeze"