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In Pictures: Lincoln Park Zoo Welcomes Two Sichuan Takin Babies

By Samantha Abernethy in Arts & Entertainment on Feb 14, 2013 4:30PM

The Lincoln Park Zoo welcomed two new baby Sichuan takins, a goat-antelope species from the Eastern Himalayas. Mei Li, 5, gave birth on Jan. 31, and Jinse, 8, gave birth on Feb. 9. Both of the babies are boys.

“At only a few days old, Mei Li’s calf is full of energy and already playfully head-butting his dad,” said General Curator Dave Bernier. “The younger calf is still a little more timid, sticking close to mom and finding his feet as he explores the yard.”

Sichuan takins are native to China, so they will be given Mandarin names. Vote for two of the following on the Lincoln Park Zoo website. The winning names will be announced on Feb. 20.

Yen Li - calming strength
Chen Li - morning strength
Mengyao - superior handsomeness
Ming Hoa - shining elite
Temur Khan - blessed iron ruler
Xing Fu - happy good fortune

The Lincoln Park Zoo has six total takins. Mei Li, Jinse, and their soon-to-be-named calves are on exhibit in the Antelope & Zebra Area.