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Indiana Walmart Employee Admits To Stealing A Pack Of Oreos A Week For Four Years

By Samantha Abernethy in Food on Feb 20, 2013 11:40PM

An Indiana Walmart employee has admitted to stealing a helluva lot of Oreos from Walmart over the course of four years. Penny Winters, 63, was caught on video at a Portage Walmart, eating a pack of Oreos that she'd taken from the shelf.

After the company investigated, she admitted to doing the same thing about once or twice per week for the seven months that she had been employed at the Portage Walmart. Then, Winters admitted to stealing about a pack of Oreos per week from a Walmart in Arizona where she was previously employed.

If she had taken one pack per week over four years, that adds up to 208 packs of Oreos. Reports did not specify what size the package was, how much it costs or whether the Oreos were double-stuffed. Winters faces felony theft charges.

Winters has been a full-time Walmart maintenance employee for eight years. She told CBS that she stole the goods because at a pay grade of $11.40 an hour, she couldn't afford to buy them. Uh, forget the Oreos. The real problem is that Walmart only pays an 8-year employee $11.40 per hour.