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Do This: Learn Beer, Wine, And Spirits From One-Off Hospitality Group

By Paul Leddy in Food on Mar 5, 2013 5:00PM

Lynn House will be teaching a class called "High Heels to High Balls" on June 20.

The great thing about the restaurants that make up the One Off Hospitality Group (aka The Paul Kahan empire) is that they are each the best at what they do. It would be a rare night that any of the restaurants aren't packed. Each restaurant has its own unique food and beverage program but as a whole, there is a level of customer service at these restaurants that is unparalleled in the city.

The server at Publican, when asked, can happily give you all the information about the stout that you are drinking. A bartender at Violet Hour can answer why he or she is using a certain vermouth in your cocktail. But they can't linger too long. There are other tables, other guests to attend to. If only there was a way to have a chance to spend time with these professionals in a more intimate setting so you can try to learn as much as you can.

Similar to the Master Cooking Class Series, One Off Hospitality Group is now offering classes on the liquid side of the business. Starting on March 31, they will be offering classes on various topics surrounding the bar. The classes last 2 hours and are offered in small class sizes to make it a great environment to learn. The session at Violet Hour is sold out and has a waiting list, but all the other sessions have space available. Tax and gratuity are included.

March 31 - The Violet Hour with head mixologist Robby Haynes (limited to 12)
"The Evolution of the Cocktail," $150 per person.
Teaches the progression of the cocktail and how it has evolved over time. Participants will be able to sample cocktails while learning about their creation, origin, and understand basic cocktail theory.

May 26 - Publican Quality Meats with beer director Michael McAvena (limited to 32)
"Find the Right Beer for your BBQ," $125 per person.
Ever stood in front of the beer display at the liquor store wondering what beer to bring to a BBQ? This class will teach participants on how to pair classic BBQ items with beer. Participants will be able to mingle around the kitchen at Publican Quality Meats and will experiment with pairing beer with food.

June 30 - Blackbird with head mixologist Lynn House (limited to 25)
"High Heels to High Balls," $75 per person.
In the show, "Mad Men," the men sit around their offices drinking old fashioned cocktails while the women in the office sat on the outside (Peggy is a notable exception). Lynn House has something to say about that. She will be teaching her class participants new, modern, and more importantly, feminine twists on traditionally male drinks.

July 28 - The Publican with beer director Michael McAvena (limited to 32)
"Beer ABCs: The Basics of Brews," $55 per person.
Don't know your Ales from a Bock in the ground? Let MIchael McAvena help guide you through all the different and complex styles out there.

September 29 - avec with Wine Director/Owner Eduard Seitan (limited to 32)
"Value Varietals You Didn't Know You'd Love," $65 per person.
When looking at a substantial wine list, it can feel like you are at a car lot. No matter what you decide to buy, you still feel like you got a bad deal. Was there a hidden gem on the list? What about a wine that is not the usual cabernet or chardonnay? Eduard Seitan will help guests compare common grape varietals with the more unique and unusual selections of the avec wine list.

November 17 - Big Star with spirit director Ben Fasman (limited to 32)
"Dance Halls and Last Calls," $55 per person.
Tom Waits once sang, "Now he's spilling whiskey and learning songs about a one that got away." Whiskey, specifically Bourbon, has been present during many periods and styles of American music. Learn how music was influenced by the bourbon industry. Drink enough whiskey and you could be singing like Tom Waits later in the evening.

If you want to purchase tickets, contact Grace Oplinger at or call 312.496.0012.