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Joe Walsh Says Americans Are Lazy And Stupid

By aaroncynic in News on Mar 13, 2013 5:40PM

2012_11_7_walsh.PNG Joe Walsh — former Illinois GOP congressman and current self-described freedom fighter and soon-to-be radio talk show host — might love America with his whole red white and blue heart, but he has plenty of ire for its people.

In a two-hour town hall meeting on Sunday, the tea party patriot told a crowd “with a big old smile” that the American people are stupid and lazy and losing their republic.

Raw Story reports
Walsh was promoting his organization, the Freedom Movement, an organization Walsh started to take on Karl Rove’s Conservative Victory Project, which hopes to put "marketable" (non-tea party) GOP candidates in elections.

Walsh told his audience:

“I believe that not since the civil war has this country shaken like it is shaking now. And I believe that not since the civil war is this country prepared to crack like it was prepared to crack in the civil war. That was a fight about freedom, slavery. We are fighting now about freedom.”

The maverick Republican also talked about how he went rogue against political advisers, saying he rebuffed suggestions to not insult the American people. He said:

The American people have grown stupid, we’ve grown uninterested, we’ve gotten busy, we’re distracted, we’re lazy, and we’re easily manipulated. Again, I can sit with you and have a beer and I can tell you about how idiotic most of our politicians are. That’s boring to me.

Walsh also lashed out at the lamestream media, but giving kudos instead to talk radio for what we assume is telling the “real story”:

“They’re (the media) are not even subtle about no longer being in the middle…Understand folks, they’re talking about two visions of America that are fighting. Fighting every bit as hard as we did in the civil war. You have the bulk of our media right here in this basket cheering this vision on. Thank God for talk radio, thank God for the internet, thank God for the marketplace of media that we can at least go at, NBC, ABC, the Chicago Sun-Times and all these other publications, ‘cause it makes a difference.”

Walsh of course, will be a part of telling that “real story,” presumably about “main street Americans," via his own talk radio program on WIND. WIND is owned by Salem Communications, a publicly traded communications company which boasts 99 radio stations in 38 markets, 60 of which are in the top 25 markets. Salem reported $60.6 million in revenues in the fourth quarter of 2012, a 6.1 percent increase, bringing their revenues for the year ending on December 31, 2012 to $229.2 million. Gee, that sure doesn't sound like small, independent media. Walsh’s show premieres March 18.