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Download Then See: Jamaican Queens

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on May 20, 2013 6:00PM

Photo by Andi Hedrick

Jamaican Queens' debut Wormfood feels like a warm bath heated by a slowly setting sun. This duo from Detroit play with interwoven vocal melodies and electronic backing textures to produce woozy little anthems. You're not gonna dance to this, but you'll be hard pressed to keep your body from moving as each song makes its way through your central nervous system.

The album is a grower. We admit upon the first listen we were tempted to write the band off as studio tricksters with a few hooks, but the tunes kept popping up in our shuffle and every single time we had to stop and see who it was and wouldn't you know every single time it was Wormfood. There's something about this stew that Ryan Spencer and Adam Pressley have cooked up that just sticks to your bones and has a staying power that outstrips expectations.

The group is in town to play The Empty Bottle tonight for free. In fact the band is all about free. You see you can download Wormfood via ye olde choose your own price model; so you can either throw the band a few bucks, or download the LP and then spend a couple bucks on a t-shirt or casette or some other physical knickknack at the show tonight. And if you're too lazy to even download the album, then just stream it below.