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In Pictures: Shedd Aquarium's Stingray Touch Exhibit

By Samantha Abernethy in Arts & Entertainment on Jun 2, 2013 9:00PM

We had a chance to check out the Shedd Aquarium's newest exhibit, Stingray Touch, which gives visitors a hands-on experience. Located in an outdoor tent, a shallow pool contains as many as 50 of the majestic creatures. We placed our hand in the lukewarm saltwater and waited for the rays to wing by.

They weren't as slimy as we'd expected them to be, but they did feel a little slippery. The stingrays were also a little bumpy like sandpaper, and their bodies are made of cartilage, so their skin feels a little like your own nose. They definitely enjoyed the attention, too, once they warmed up to it. One rubbed against our hands like a kitten.

We have to admit we were a little nervous to put our hand in at first. Rest assured, stingrays can't bite you. Their mouths are underneath their heads, and they don't even have real teeth. You're in no danger. By the end we had our arms in up to the elbow.

The Stingray Touch exhibit is open now and continues through October, weather permitting.