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'Best Beers For Women' Video Reinforces Stupid Stereotypes

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jul 3, 2013 3:00PM


Just about every beer drinker we know threw a fit Tuesday after watching a video posted on WomensForum TV that purported to show women what beer they should be drinking.

"You walk into a bar, you pick up a beer menu, you're a lady and you're not sure what to order. Good thing I'm here with..." a man (to tell her what to do.) Actually, she's there with the beer director of Chicago's Howells and Hood, Ken Hendricks, who proceeds to offer his experience dealing with women and outsized beer menus like the one at Howells and Hood.

"I've had women with sophisticated beer palates and they'll order across the menu," Hendricks explained. "But typically, there are a handful of styles they typically gravitate towards." Then perky host Stephanie Mansour goes for the red beer, a lambic. Because women only like sweet, pink beers that look like cosmopolitans in a round glass. (Unfortunately, the video isn't embeddable, so you'll have to go to if you want to watch.)

Of course, the beer geek internet didn't take all that well to this. Beer writers, drinkers, fans and brewers leaped onto social media to register their outrage. We've already discussed our hatred of gender stereotypes in beer at great length, so we'll let the rest of the web take this one.

Even brewers jumped in. We think the best summation came from Metropolitan Brewing:

"Dear Media: Please do stop trying to identify what a person will drink based on their genitals. Unless a drinking vessel requires the *actual use* of a woman's delicate flower or a man's joystick, please just stop. Just. Stop. - Signed, the broad who owns a brewery and drinks whatever the hell she wants."

Amen to that.