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Internet Incensed At Photo Of Justin Bieber With Stanley Cup

By Chuck Sudo in Arts & Entertainment on Jul 10, 2013 2:00PM

Photo credit: Peter Hassen/Twitter

Commenting on the Internet is often like a Greek Chorus of ignorance and stupidity. Here's the latest example. The Chicago Blackhawks allowed soft-faced manchild Justin Bieber to pose with the Stanley Cup before a show in Chicago. (The Hawks also customized a jersey with Bieber's name.)

Blackhawks Senior Director of Market Development and Community Affairs Peter Hassen shared the photo on Twitter because, you know, it's his job and all. The response online was fast, furious and comical. Mashable gathered some of the more indignant responses, including this one.

And this one from the aptly named Masshole Sports.

Hassen responded to the outcry by asking people to slow their collective roll.

Hassen, for what it's worth, is spot on. Having a pop star-possible future statistic pose with the Stanley Cup is certainly no worse than the abuse heaped upon it by hockey players over the past 120 years. It isn't like Bieber pulled a screwdriver from his shorts and scratched, "I'm sure Lord Stanley would be a Belieber if he was alive today" inside the bowl. (Plus, Bieber's Canadian and a hockey fan and player, so there may ostensibly be some native emotional national connection to the Cup for him.)

If people want to be pissed off by celebrities posing with the Stanley Cup, be angry that Jim Belushi was on the ice hoisting the trophy over his fat head like he assisted on Dave Bolland's winning goal.

Oh, wait. You already were.