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Has It Come To This? RM Champagne Lounge Launches Miller High Life Bottle Service

By Anthony Todd in Food on Jul 23, 2013 6:15PM

2013_7_23_HighLife.jpg When you're at a fancy champagne lounge, cuddled up on a banquette with your sweetie, what is the first thing you want to order to show you're a classy guy or gal? A delicious bottle of Dom Perignon? Certainly not. You order a 40 of Miller High Life, of course. At least, that's what RM Champagne Lounge is hoping with their new promotion.

Previously, guests to RM had to spent their money on the extensive selection of wonderful champagnes served in fancy crystal glasses. Now, all those fancy West Loop investment bankers, lawyers and bros can make darn sure we know they don't take themselves too seriously by buying 40-ounce bottles of High Life, served in a fancy ice bucket, for $10. Take that, snobs! Do oysters taste good with High Life? We might just have to find out.

In all seriousness, RM does seem to have a sense that this is a bit ridiculous. From the release (potentially the best release we've read all year):

For those interested in experiencing the pinnacle of upscale bottle service culture and VIP treatment on our stunning outdoor patio, this is your chance. Feel poised and stylish as you order a 40oz bottle of this golden elixir, triple brewed by the gods themselves. Presented at your table in a perfectly chilled iced bucket with accompanying glassware and optional brown paper bags, we promise to treat our guests to only the highest standards. As you take your first sip of the “champagne of beers” we encourage you to indulge yourself with high expectations, high customer service and most importantly, the High Life.

Is this a brilliant takedown of bottle service snobbery? Possibly. Is this a ridiculous idea? Likely. Will they sell a zillion bottles of the stuff? Almost certainly.

RM Champagne Lounge is at 116 N. Green St.