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Breaking! Kitten Conquers Chicago Tribune Homepage

By Samantha Abernethy in News on Jul 30, 2013 8:40PM

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY IN CHICAGO. Well, it was the most important story for at least 16 minutes, according to the Chicago Tribune. Yes, the Tribune had a little whoopsie today. Someone posted a story as the lead on the homepage that included a photo of a kitten and the word "test" over and over.

Apparently the Pulitzer-worthy story went on to state such gems as "Headline test." and "The cat is a kitten." and "The kitten is grey." You can't argue with that kind of reporting accuracy. Bummed you missed it? Check out this quickly created website, which subs in cat photos into the homepage.

By the way, the Huffington Post figured out this freshly famous kitten is up for adoption. Benton was born May 1, 2013, and Feline Friends offered an adorable introduction to the little fella.

This tiny little macho man likes to be petted, but he doesn't have time for lots of snuggling—he's a ladies' man. Benton spends a lot of his time playing with, protecting and grooming the girl cats under his guardian's care. But don't worry, this suave little fella doesn't neglect his own good looks; that lovely silver-striped fur is fabulous. Come give this kitten a closer look; he loves the attention.

Well, the good news is the "Test" worked, and Scott Kleinberg told Gizmodo, "Even dog lovers weren't upset."