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CPD Aims Youth Recruiting Strategy At 'Lalla' Audience With Tweet

By Jon Graef in Miscellaneous on Aug 4, 2013 4:34PM


Contrary to what you might suspect, the 'Lalla' typo isn't actually a typo, but the phonetic spelling of how most Chicagoans pronounce Lollapalooza. The Chicago Police Department Recruiting Twitter account sent out this tweet out Sunday morning, when most of the Lollapalooza/CPD overlap is at it's zenith, with the former definitely not nursing a wicked hangover and cursing the previous night's festivities.

The link to the tweet goes to 'Answer The Call', the website that encourages young officers to give what they got and join the force. That website, snark aside, is the reason there's some actual, legit news to this.

Recently, the Chicago Police Department both lowered the application age to become an officer from 25 to 18. The effort is part of a campaign to increase the pool of applicants and to make those applicants more diverse.

Further, the CPD just started accepting applications to take that exam this past Thursday, for the first time in three years. The deadline to turn in applications is September 16, and the exam itself will be in December.

So, just think: that dudebro who puked on that one lady's Crocs at Lolla could pull himself together and become one of Chicago's finest.