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Listen To Naked Raygun (And Friends) Dig Deep Into 'Throb Throb'

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 8, 2013 3:15PM

2013_08_throb_throb_naked_raygun.jpg John "Jughead" Pierson is best known for his work in a number of visionary pop-punk bands including Screeching Weasel and Even In Blackouts. What isn't as widely known is that he hosts a series of podcasts under the title "Jughead's Basement" where he brings on folks to discuss the music they made.

Pierson's most recent podcast pairs him with Dan Vapid to conduct interviews with the principals from Naked Raygun involved with the making of their (underground) breakthrough and (though this word is often overused it's absolutely true in this case) seminal release Throb Throb. Conversations include band members Jeff Pezzati, John Haggerty, Camilo Gonzalez, Jim Colao, and Eric Spicer; and includes discussions with Steve Albini and Jim DeRogatis among others.

Throb Throb was the album the brought all of Naked Raygun's influences and inclinations together and focused them into a single, brute force. It was also a turning moment for the band. It could also be argued it was the album that eventually put Chicago on the map as a visionary punk rock town as their music's influence spread westward. Through the conversations we learn that Haggerty's arrival in the band and his singular, distinctive guitar sound helped ground the music, but that the making of the album is what eventually splintered the band and brought in new members before it was even released. Don't worry, it's not that heavy as it sounds. It's a delight to hear the members of the band avoid reminiscing and instead go for straightforward storytelling and a few of the revelations include where Haggerty picked up his habit of smoking on stage the way he does (and the classic rock answer may surprise you) to where exactly the band got it's evolving sense of fashion from.

File this one under "must listen."