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Here Are 44 Ways To Work Through Your Bounty Of Peaches

By Anthony Todd in Food on Aug 28, 2013 4:00PM


Peaches are hitting farmers markets big time right now (we just bought our first basket last weekend) and most of us will spend a couple weeks stuffing our faces and getting juice all over our noses. That's as it should be, but after you're done, what's left to do with the season's bounty?

The Local Beet has come to the rescue. Perhaps channeling a little bit of Mark Bittman, they've brainstormed 44 different things you can do with the zillions of peaches sitting around at farmers markets all over Chicago.

Some samples include:

pureed for Bellini’s; cold peach soup; peach ice cream, peach sorbet, peach granita (or peach ice); peach glazed BBQ ribs; peach butter if you cook it down a lot or peach jam which is cooked down but not quite; a salad with roasted pecans and goat cheese; mixed with summer berries for a fruit salad...

And that's less than one-third. Head over there, print it out and tack it to your refrigerator. If you manage to get through all 44 and come up with one of your own, you'll get a Mighty Marvel No-Prize from us.