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Watch A 12-Course Meal At Moto Appear On One Plate

By Anthony Todd in Food on Sep 12, 2013 4:40PM

Moto Restaurant is legendary for innovative molecular gastronomy techniques and beautiful platings. They also make strangely-compelling videos. The latest installment shows the newest way that Moto is giving customers a menu: by letting them taste tiny bits of each course to come.

For many years, meals at Moto have begun with a menu printed on edible paper and somehow worked into a dish. In the past, we've experienced "chips and salsa," "bread and butter," and other preparations that involve the menu as some sort of vehicle for a delicious sauce. After the menu (a "free" course) was read and eaten, the real dinner began.

Well, things have changed a bit. Rather than giving guests an edible paper menu, Moto chefs Richie Farina and Homaro Cantu now begin each meal with a course called "Tasting Menu."

This course, the creation of which is depicted in the video below, takes the twelve full sized dishes that guests will see throughout the rest of the meal and micro-miniaturizes them. The result, a long wooden plank with twelve different bites on it, is a visual, edible menu that has a hint of the flavor of each dish to come.

This new version of the "tasting menu" is available at Moto now. Nice to see them trying something new - even after almost a decade, they are still finding innovative ways to present food.

Moto is at 945 W. Fulton Market.