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CPS Principal Calls Security On DNAinfo Reporter For, Well, Reporting

By Jon Graef in News on Sep 22, 2013 7:30PM

Perhaps showing he could take a cue from the upper brass, Pilsen Community Academy Principal Adel Ali called security on a DNAinfo Chicago reporter for having the temerity to do her job.

Like last time, this story involves a disclaimer: DNAinfo Chicago reporter Chloe Riley is both a former Columbia College classmate of this writer's, as well as a friend.

Regardless of the personal connection to this story, though, open meetings are open meetings, and free speech is free speech. Based on his actions, it would appear that Principal/used-car-salesman-holding-in-a-juicy-fart Ali doesn't understand the principles of either.

To wit:

Pilsen Community Academy parents had a slew of questions about budget cuts at the school's first Local School Council meeting this year, but Principal Adel Ali refused to shed any light on the school's finances Thursday.


Even before Ali refused to answer parents' budget questions, he attempted to deny access to the public meeting to a DNAinfo Chicago reporter and even called security in an attempt to stop coverage of the event.

The 8 a.m. meeting at the school at 1420 W. 17th St. was attended by 20 parents and community members who wanted to know how budget cuts across the district had affected the school, which serves students in preschool through eighth grade.

What kind of questions about PCA's budget did parents and community members have? Well: “What is the budget for this year?", "How many positions have been removed?”.

You know, basic questions. How did that go over?

[Ali] declined to explain any details of the school's budget, saying it would take too much time to go through specific budget points with meeting attendees.

“I’d have to sit with you for about two weeks to explain it,” he said. “Your question is not clear, so therefore I can’t answer it.”

Are we missing something here? Is Ali really a post-modern cyborg made by CPS as some kind of meta-commentary prank on the idea of the condescending bureaucrat?

That may sound like snark, but don't be so sure after reading this detail:

Ali earlier had denied a reporter entry to the meeting and called security in an attempt to have her removed from the school. After at least 20 minutes of the meeting was conducted behind closed doors, the reporter was allowed in but was not permitted to take photos, even though there is no law or CPS policy banning the practice.

Ali has been principal at the school since the 2004-2005 school year. He was paid $142,200 as of last year, according to CPS.

That's almost $150,000 a year of taxpayer dolla-dolla-bill-ya'll to pay Fascist McGee an annual salary.

Ali did provide some basic figures and facts, presumably while not twirling an evil mustache and cackling, which you can read about here.

Here are tweets from DNAinfo Senior Chicago Editor Jen Sabella and Riley herself: