Chicagoist's Beer of the Week: Metropolitan's After-Burner Oktoberfest Lager

By Jason Baldacci in Food on Sep 27, 2013 7:40PM

2013_9_27_afterburner.jpgDespite the fact that some affects of summer are lingering around Chicago, Oktoberfest beer will wait for no turn in the weather.

Do yourself a gigantic favor this weekend and seek out a fresh pint of Metropolitan's After-Burner Oktoberfest Lager. After-Burner pours a beautiful deep amber in the glass, and it's nice and toasty on the nose, with just a hint of caramel. Intense bready malts hit the front of the palate hard and ride strong to the middle. After that initial pop of biscuits, the malt profile turns well rounded and juicy, while notes of orange zest and allspice linger on the finish. Staying true to style, this Oktoberfest Lager isn't very hoppy, but we do detect a touch of floral bitterness on the back palate that balances things out perfectly. At 6.1 percent alcohol content, After-Burner is full-bodied, yet quaffable and best enjoyed in large quantities while surrounded with good people.

Contrary to popular belief, Oktoberfest isn't just about drinking a boatload of beer and stuffing your face full of sausage, although both of those things do make for a fantastic evening. Oktoberfest is a celebration of the harvest season being upon us, and in the days before mechanical refrigeration, it was the time of year that brewers could start making beer again. Back in those days, it was too warm during the summer months for fermentation, so beer would spoil if you tried to brew when it was warm outside. They had to stockpile in the spring so they could have enough to drink all summer until the temperatures dropped and they could fire up the brew kettle once more. Oktoberfest is about starting again, building anew, and being grateful for the bounties of the season.

After-Burner is available on draft and in 12-ounce bottles and is extremely appropriate to drink right now. Check to see who's pouring it in your neighborhood.