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What Does Chef Jason Vincent Hate?

By Anthony Todd in Food on Sep 30, 2013 4:40PM

2013_6_26_Vincent.png Food Republic's "10 Things I Hate" Column is one of the rare places where chefs actually get a chance to talk without the PR gloss or the requirement that they sell their food. Last week, they gave Nightwood Chef Jason Vincent the chance to let off some steam, and the results were pretty great.

We already knew Jason Vincent had a flair for drama. The video segment where he dramatically read his Yelp reviews had us choking on our coffee. Now we know he can bring it in print as well as on film.

What does Chef Vincent hate?


It’s what charcuterie was 10 years ago. Everyone likes eating it, so everyone is making it, and 90% of it is absolute garbage.

People who call chefs sellouts:

It’s always going to be a gamble, but if someone offers you a shitload of money to put your name on something (assuming that you have actually “earned” your name and made one that’s actually worth a shit) and you say no just to avoid being called a sellout, well... then you’re just fucking stupid.

His own food:

Under-thought, poorly executed, muddled, ugly, under-seasoned, too rich, inconsistent, repetitive, too simple, disorganized, over-garnished, too salty, overly sweet, forgettable, overthought, too acidic, technically unsound, trying too hard (actually, fuck you to anyone that doesn’t “try too hard”), incomplete, unbalanced, overly complicated...and that’s just when I'm making mac and cheese for my kid. I’m a mess.

Check out the rest of the list. We're particularly fond of his comments about women in the restaurant industry.