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This Bloody Mary Has Jumped The Shark

By Anthony Todd in Food on Oct 10, 2013 3:00PM

Photo by Lindsay Cavanaugh.
Bloody Marys are delicious. We've listed our favorites in the city, many of which had some pretty insane skewers. Why the crazy garnishes? Well, the Bloody isn't a particularly complicated cocktail, and unless you're going to do some serious innovation (like the Bloody at Fountainhead, which swaps out the vodka for Aquavit), there are a limited number of variations on what can go in the actual glass. Above the glass, however, the sky is (literally) the limit. Well, the actual limit is the roof of the restaurant, and the new bloody at Public House is getting darn close to that ceiling.

Their bloody itself sounds fairly typical. Absolut, homemade bloody mary mix, celery salt. Delicious and all that. But the skewer has gone beyond the realm of the normal. It's got three different food groups on it!

Here's a list of the garnishes:

- a piece of pepper jack cheese
- a half-stick of mozzarella
- a sriracha-glazed shrimp
- a mini kobe beef corndog
- pickled asparagus
- three strips of anise-rubbed bacon
- a smoked chicken wing

That is all on one single skewer. Seriously, you should have to wear glasses to eat this thing, because you might poke your eye out.

Has Public House officially won the Bloody Mary arms race? We'll have to wait and see. The drink, with the skewer, is $12.

Public House is at 400 N State Street.