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Indiana Town Displays 'Hitler Obama' Billboard, Taken Down Within A Day

By Lisa White in News on Oct 15, 2013 7:40PM

In blink and you’ll miss it absurd political news, a town in Indiana got a bit of unwanted attention after displaying a video billboard of President Obama with a Hitler mustache earlier this week. The billboard has since been taken down, but was up long enough to cause concern from local residents and ignite a storm of angry trolls on the Internet.

The sign, located at the the Cornerstone Plaza shopping center in Kendallville (about 30 minutes north of Fort Wayne) displayed text proclaiming “I will prepare, and someday my chance will come” before showing a photo of Obama with the Hitler mustache and flashing the words “IMPEACH OBAMA.” So if you go on the basis of this advertisement alone, we should impeach our president on the notion that a group thinks he is preparing and laying in wait to carry out a genocide on the same scale as Hitler, a man that killed millions based on race, sexual orientation, and a multitude of other fucked up reasons. The sign was paid for by the LaRouche Political Action Committee. If you want to fall down a rabbit hole of extreme political shock value, feel free to research them some more.

The video billboard also contained a hodgepodge of other vaguely political rhetoric, which you can view below courtesy of KPC News.

As the Post-Tribune reports, the sign was taken down after a day and Kendallville Mayor SuzAnne Handshoe stated that the “sign was inappropriate.” We’d also like to point out that regardless what you think of President Obama, comparing him to Hitler is uncalled for, absurd, and insulting to your own intelligence. We are all for freedom of speech, but if you are going to open your mouth and convince people to join your cause, might we suggest some sort of tact when doing so? Because nothing makes us say “sure, share your opinions with us, we want to learn about what you believe” than lumping together someone with Hitler. You stay classy, LaRouche PAC.