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Is This The Most Expensive Dinner In Chicago?

By Anthony Todd in Food on Nov 5, 2013 5:35PM


We reported a few weeks back about the new private room at Next, but didn't yet have any details about who would be dining there or what would be served. Now we know, and it may be the single most expensive dining experience (aside from hiring Oprah's personal chef to clean your sinks) in the city.

Mike Gebert, writing in the Reader, got the skinny on The Room at Next. Yup, it's just called The Room, because it's the only one that matters. Diners won't be getting the regular meal on tap at Next; Aviary Chef Andrew Brochu will be making them an exclusive can't-get-it-elsewhere 10 course feast. Charles Joly will pair the drinks, there's a fancy light sculpture and you get your own bathrooms.

How much? $4,430. With all the add-ons and tip, about $600 per person for 10 people. That's more than Next, Alinea or Moto—you could have dinner at Next followed by dinner at Moto as a chaser for that much dough. Gebert notes that aside from fancy wine dinners, it's likely "the most expensive dinner ... regularly offered in Chicago."

Who's in?