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Bongo Room Confronts Anti-Marriage Advocate With Love

By Anthony Todd in Food on Nov 6, 2013 3:30PM


It was inevitable that, in the wake of yesterday's gay marriage excitement, there would be some hurt feelings. (Tolerance, everyone.) That being said, don't mess with The Bongo Room, a gay-owned business that has no time for bigotry.

Yesterday, along with many others, The Bongo Room changed their Facebook photo to a picture of the state of Illinois, draped in a rainbow. Someone didn't like it, as the first comment on the picture was the following:

Sad sad day in Illinois! But the bible tells us in the last days what is right and pure will be considered bad and what is sin and perversion will be considered good. Today was proof of that. Please forgive my state Lord! God help us all! People don't realize what the ramifications of this bill will mean. As far as I am concerned it is worse than Obamacare!

Now, The Bongo Room could've gone a bunch of different ways. They could've edited the comment, ignored it, responded with anger or sarcasm. But, keeping it classy, they responded this way:

Oh, Mary. Love is compassion and tolerance. Intolerance and passing judgement is not love. As the owners of the Bongo Room, we rarely reserve the right to use our page as a platform. Bongo Room is gay owned and we completely understand if you never set foot in our doors again.

The customer response?

Sorry, did not know it was a gay room and don't worry, I don't intend to set foot in your doors again. This page is an abomination to God. Has nothing to do with love and tolerance. Love people hate the sin.

Bongo Room ended the dialogue with "Love to you, Mary."

Bongo Room's customers went a little nuts on the Facebooks, promising to make up the lost revenue from this customer and debating the biblical teachings about homosexuality. This morning's status from the restaurant? "New day. New beginning. Now let's eat!"