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The Aviary Launches Ticket Sales

By Anthony Todd in Food on Nov 7, 2013 10:00PM


When the Aviary first mentioned ticket sales, we weren't particularly enthused. Just another way to make the experience more exclusive, perhaps, or a money grab by a bar that knows it's popular. Turns out, it's neither—and we're big fans of the new model.

The Aviary started ticket sales this week, and they've been a big hit, as you can see below:

The ticket sales don't have to cost you anything, however. The low-end option is a $20 refundable deposit, so as long as you show up, it'll get applied to your bill. Then, you're assured a seat. It doesn't dampen the spontaneity of going out (they'll still take walk-ins) and while it may mean a longer wait, it's time to accept that The Aviary isn't really a bar; it's a special case.

If you want to ramp it up, you can. For $50, you can get a three-course cocktail progression and for $125, it becomes five and they add food. Given the cost of individual drinks at The Aviary, this may turn out to be a deal.

At the end of the day, this is good for everyone. It guarantees the customer a seat and it stops the bar from having to deal with a lot of no-shows (or, at least, it gives them a slight bonus when someone decides to ditch). The only hitch? Next Restaurant accounts and logins didn't transfer, so make a new account.