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INTERVIEW: Tim Kasher On Solo Careers, Chicago And Velveeta Cheese

By Katie Karpowicz in Arts & Entertainment on Nov 11, 2013 7:25PM

Tim Kasher/Photo credit: John Sturdy

Tim Kasher is quietly becoming one of the Midwest’s most prolific musicians. In between Cursive and The Good Life albums, the singer has most recently been recording a string of solo releases. His newest, Adult Film, was released last month.

The beloved 39-year-old songwriter brings these new tracks to the Empty Bottle this Wednesday November 13, but he had time for a phone call with Chicagoist before getting back out on the road.

Chicagoist: Last time you made news in Chicago was about six months ago when you expressed your love for Velveeta cheese to the Chicago Reader and Velveeta sent you a “liquid gold” record in return. How’s that holding up?

Tim Kasher: You’d be surprised. It’s pretty weird and borderline disgusting. Initially when it came, I thought it was pretty cool of them but I also thought, ‘What am I gonna do with it?’ It might mold. It’s still in my apartment. It doesn’t smell or anything. When you think about it, it’s Velveeta and it has an amazing shelf-life.

C: Even though you’re from Nebraska, it’s always seemed like you have a pretty dedicated fanbase here in Chicago. Has the city always been good to you?

Tim Kasher: It’s gotten even better over the years. I wonder if it’s a certain nostalgia that Chicago has. It’s also part of the Midwest. Over the years Chicago’s had more open arms. I remember when I first started touring and playing in Chicago, it was kind of like the big brother in the Midwest relative to Omaha.

C: Let’s talk about the new album. You’ve always been a very personal lyricist and right from Adult Film's first track “American Lit,” it’s clear that hasn’t changed. Does being so open in your songs ever come back to bite you?

Tim Kasher: Not necessarily. I’ve always declared that everything I write is fiction and everybody in my life respects that. Even though there are times that it’s so clear and obvious that it’s not.

C: With so many outlets under your belt now, how do you go about choosing whether your songs will be released as a solo artists, one of your bands or something totally new?

Tim Kasher: I think I just look at what I feel like developing at that moment. When I started releasing music under my own name I was really eager to just get some releases out. Already it’s nice to have two albums and some b-sides under my belt.

C: Any plans for 2014 yet?

Tim Kasher: Keeping busy, keeping options open. Likely another solo record. I’m open to another album with The Good Life as well.

Tim Kasher plays the Empty Bottle on Nov. 13. Tickets are still on sale for $12.