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[NSFW] Naked Woman Claiming To Be 'Goddess Of The Train' Causes Train Delay

By Jon Graef in News on Nov 17, 2013 4:30PM

Well, it wouldn't be a weekend in Chicago without someone naked doing something weird: a naked woman, who according to Chicago Now claimed she was the "goddess of the train," because of course, was arrested Saturday afternoon after causing a delay at the Granville station on Chicago's Red Line.

No one was injured, but DNAInfo reports the 31-year-old was "slapping and verbally abusing riders." Police took the woman to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, as she suffers from an unspecified mental illness.

The CTA sent out what in retrospect is an incredibly innocent note about the incident.

Others tweeted about the incident too. [H/t Sun-Times]

And, of course, there's photos of the woman being taken away by police. NSFW.

NSFW: Nude "goddess of the train" stops CTA Red Lin... on Twitpic

Ultimately, the Red Line was delayed 15 minutes.

Just a side note, for whatever it's worth: while it's all well and good to write about CTA disturbances -- they certainly qualify as news of the weird -- it may be a good idea to slowly, but surely introduce the idea that maybe these incidents are happening because people aren't getting the quality mental health care they need.

And why would that be the case? Good question. Ask the mayor.