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Watch Charlie Trotter's 'Family Tree'

By Anthony Todd in Food on Nov 18, 2013 4:00PM

Cantu's own entry in the Trotter family tree.

When moto chef Homaro Cantu sent out a call for everyone who had ever been associated with Charlie Trotter's to send in photos and descriptions of their time there, we figured he was up to something. The tributes continue to pour in and we wouldn't be at all surprised to eventually see a book come together. But for now, Cantu has created an interactive online family tree of everyone he can find that staged in Trotter's kitchen.

You can either watch it like a movie (starting with Trotter himself and ending in 2011) or you can click around to individual chefs. It's a work in progress and will continue to be updated as Cantu gets more information. Even in its initial form, it's a unique way to see the impact that Trotter had on the culinary scene. Check it out below.

Cantu has also teased the idea of the Trotter House (presumably an analogue to the Beard House in New York) on social media. Since we know that Cantu was in negotiations to buy Trotter's and move one of his restaurants there—negotiations that fell through before Trotter's death—perhaps this is a real possibility. Keep your eyes open.