Indiana Strip Club Sign Suggesting Sexual Favor With A Dance Riles Locals

By Lisa White in News on Nov 26, 2013 8:05PM

A Southern Indiana strip club is getting a pretty sweet amount of publicity thanks to some creative wordplay and an angry response from locals. The Busybody Lounge in Evansville, Ind. was ordered by local police to take down a sign displaying “free blow job with private dance.”

We’re hoping most people realize this isn’t the real deal but rather a popular bachelorette party drink. Bless their heart the naive person that goes into this establishment demanding free oral sex. Cops made the call to the Busybody to take down the sign after pointing out that displaying free sexual acts and/or free booze is illegal in Indiana. Thank god Indiana isn’t next to an ocean otherwise bars wanting to sell “sex on the beach” would be screwed.

We’re guessing that the price of the drink was probably included in the private dance anyways, but way to dash the dreams of the creative genius who came up with this advertisement. Whether they planned it or not, the sophomoric humored sign garnered them more attention than they probably bargained for. Local news station 14WFIE has reported on the sign multiple times and their Facebook page is full of comments (heavy on the outrage but still some signs of support) and now the controversy has reached the pages of Deadspin. Obviously Deadspin ran with the uncensored photo. Free advertising at its finest folks. As a former resident myself of Evansville, I can assure you this strip club has been around for years and driving by the location always looked a bit vacant, so kudos to the business owner that is raking in this free PR.

Our favorite part of this situation might be the self censoring numerous local news station have done reporting this story. God forbid the words blow and job are next to each other on the Internet or local news! If they think this is tacky, we’d hate to see what the angry masses would think of the moving billboards the Admiral Theatre drives around Chicago. Everyone needs a way to make a living, so happy holidays to the ladies at The Busybody Lounge, we hope this gives you a little extra spending money this season.