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Drunk Driver Follows Man Home, Attempts To Run Him Over

By Lisa White in News on Dec 2, 2013 4:30PM

Joseph M. Maloney/Cook County Sheriff Dept.

One suburban man demonstrated the wrong kind of liquid courage after mixing alcohol with road rage this weekend. Joseph M. Maloney of Streamwood was charged with aggravated driving under the influence, aggravated assault and reckless driving after following a man who yelled at him about his driving home before trying to run him (and his mother) over.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Mahoney had been driving his red 1998 Pontiac sedan around when he jumped a curb and swerved back into his lane. The motorist behind him pulled up at a stop sign and yelled that he should “learn how to drive” according to police—a not unreasonable response to a car swerving and jumping the curb in front of you.

Angered by the commentary, Maloney followed the man to his home and proceeded to drive through yards and over driveways trying to run the man and his mother (who was working in the yard) down. Maloney missed the man and his mother but circled the block and tried again to hit them as neighbors looked on, according to prosecutors.

Unsurprisingly, Maloney failed a field sobriety test and officers reported his eyes were glassy and they could smell alcohol on his breath when they finally caught up with him.

We suggest a few things in this scenario; first, never drink and drive ever, it’s just not worth it. Second, just call the cops if you see a drunk driver. Nothing good ever comes out of engaging with a strangely behaving drunk person. Finally, chill it with the road rage. Just drive away and move on, people. We’re guessing the alcohol in his system probably gave Maloney the raging confidence to follow someone home and attempt to run them over, but overall road rage (like drunk driving) is never worth it.