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Watch Science Vlogger Emily Graslie Address Online Sexism

By Jon Graef in News on Dec 7, 2013 6:30PM

Not to get all "Upworthy" on your ass, but this six-minute video from science vlogger Emily Graslie, shot from inside the Field Museum, about crass comments and online sexism may change how you view those subjects forever. [Or at least provide good food for thought].

Emily Graslie, host and writer of "The Brain Scoop" has been hosting her program from Chicago's The Field Museum since August. Watch Graslie totally geek out about The Field Museum's contents in this video:

So basically, Emily Graslie is the most adorable human on the planet. But her simple and sweet desire to check out all of the things, including at the museum's Grainger Hall of Gems, is undermined by anonymous (of course) comments that range from the crass to the sexist.

And so, last week, while we were stuffing our gourds with foodstuffs, Graslie made a six-minute video that's a damning account of why there aren't more woman science vloggers.

Watch for yourself, because any additional commentary on our part would be superfluous bullshit.

Following publication, Graslie took to YouTube to express her gratitude to the vlogger community: "I appreciate the overwhelming support I have received from this community in the few hours since the video has been up; your positivity and encouragement never fail to restore my faith that things can, and will, get better," Graslie wrote in a YouTube comment.

The video has garnered almost 640,000 views as of this writing.

Be sure to check out the list of women vloggers Graslie lists in the video's "About" section, and The Field Museum Women in Science group Graslie speaks of as well.

Here's Graslie's most recent video: