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Plate Magazine Lovingly Tells The Story Of Blackbird

By Erika Kubick in Food on Dec 27, 2013 7:10PM

Photo credit: Seth Anderson

There was once a time when the farm-to-table movement wasn't as prevalent as it is today. It’s hard to remember now, when even burger joints have a portrait of the cow you’re enjoying printed on your napkin, but that all changed 16 years ago when Blackbird opened it’s doors. For Chicago, the debut sparked in consumers a thirst for knowledge about the origins of food, but it also provided a formerly inaccessible route to fine dining for the general public. Once fine dining meant a jacket and tie, snobbery and the residual empty wallet, but Blackbird bridged the gap between the casual and the grandiose. Blackbird welcomes those foodies who want to experience culinary mastery but can’t afford to empty a month’s pay into one evening.

In Project: Blackbird, Chandra Ram, the head editor of Plate Magazine, tells the story of how four unlikely partners came together to form an honest fine dining restaurant concept that is now a destination for foodies all over. Now, a decade and a half later much of the same staff remains. Through six visually appealing chapters, Chandra’s story is as beautiful as it is telling. Take a break from the holidays and educate yourself on one of the most influential restaurants in the great food city of Chicago.

Take a look at Project: Blackbird here.