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Thrillist Lists Their Least Favorite People On The CTA

By Chuck Sudo in News on Jan 6, 2014 7:00PM

The rider on the train with his legs akimbo makes Thrillist's list.

Thrillist published another listicle we find oddly humorous and relevant: 21 stereotypical CTA passengers that get on one’s nerves.

Some of the types on this list are no brainers with a consensus agreement, like eaters who leave behind chicken bones and garbage and hobo corner poopers (those can be the same person); riders who don’t cover their face when they sneeze, and people who don’t even cede their seats to the elderly or very pregnant women. Others on this list we’ve all been at one point or another, like loud cell phone users and “the two-seater.” We’re particularly impressed to see the “rush hour biker” on this list, having dealt with that one asshole biker who waits until 6:01 p.m. to shove his fixed-gear bike on an already overcrowded Blue Line train at Clark and Lake.

Then there are the stereotypes that make one’s head spin. Cubs fans? Freestyle rappers asking if you’d be interested in their demo CDs? Train operators repeatedly reminding riders there’s another train behind his? Teenage mobs? At least we have been lucky not to see someone clipping their toenails on the train.

Check out the full list here.